Sage's Eye

Sage's Eye

“Shit, how has no one noticed this yet?”, David muttered as he glanced at the local town attraction newsletter sitting on the dentist’s waiting-room table. It was the Sage’s Eye. David had read about this smokey diamond colored gem. It was once held by Parthica, a Legatus legionis of Legiolium England during the Roman occupation of England. This was near modern-day Castleford England.

    Sleeper historians knew Parthica as an ambitious Roman officer who had held a large portion of England, but The Mysterium knew the deeper truth. While Parthica was a powerful military man, he was also an accomplished mage living in a time somewhat after the fall of Atlantis. One of the items he recovered from the wreckage of the ancient city was the Sage’s Eye. A powerful gem that allowed a pool of magical energy much greater than most mages would ever see.

There it was, right in the local history museum. David knew what he had to do. He needed to get this powerful artifact to The Mysterium before any other less cautious mage orders got ahold of it. He only hoped he identified the artifact before any other mage or order. David couldn’t risk stealing the gem during the day. He would have to go this evening.


The sun set on the Boston Museum of History and although it appeared that tonight was like any other night, the supernal was especially present at this place. A ley line perhaps?

David emerged from his beat up 1997 Chevy Cavalier and pulled a crimson mask over his face. He couldn’t risk being recognized on camera or worse, by another order. He strutted toward the front entrance where his specialty in magic came to play. He stared past the front entrances glass and focused on the security panel inside. He mentally projected himself into the room and further into the electronic security panel. He could feel the movement of lights and electricity flowing through the device. Now he just needed to change its course.

The front door clicked open. David gently pushed on it with his brown suede driving gloves and peered inside. He could see a front desk with a dim glow from the computer monitor power light. The sign behind the desk read “Welcome to the Boston History Museum”.

An eerie silence surrounded the area. David felt a chill run down his spine. “Dammit”, he thought, “I am not the only one here. I have to move quickly.”

David bust through the front door and charged down the hall to the left of the front desk. Signs in the halls had arrows and read things like “America, Pre-Columbus”, “France, before the Revolution”, and “The Age of American Pioneers”. Things around him felt like they were slowing down. Shit, he wasn’t dealing with novice mages.

The end of the hallway opened up into a very large oval room with high glass ceilings. This is where the museum kept there most interesting or most recent additions. Near the back wall to the right, David could see what he had come to steal. The Sage’s Eye.

David sprinted toward the case that held the artifact, but it felt like he wasn’t running as fast as normal. He realized it now. He was probably dealing with more than one mage. David turned his head around as quickly as he could. His worst nightmare had been realized.

He saw their very distinct masks. The masks always made him think of the drama mask, but a far darker more sinister version of them. The two mages on the left and right wore masks that bore a rictus while the man in the middle wore a mostly black mask with accents of white. It’s face was portrayed in a way that made David think of someone's face when they were in despair.

A brash voice bellowed, “Who do you work for?” The man in the middle was not playing games. David needed to get out of his current situation, but what could he do? Even though he himself was fairly experienced as a mage, he wouldn’t be able to take on all three mages. He had always been better at influencing the material world than protecting himself from supernal powers.

David opened his mouth to respond with a sarcastic quip, but his mouth and voice were slow to respond. It must be time manipulation. He guessed that the man in the middle was at least powerful in that regard.

“Me? I don’t know what you are talking about. I am just a simple thief.”

The man in the middle turn to his right then left and looked at the other two with him, “Fine, have it your way.”

David had been in dire situations before, but this was something else. He didn’t think he could escape. If only he had notified the Mysterium on what he was trying to do. But that was his downfall, he was always wanting to do these kinds of things on his own. He was a glory hog and it was going to get him killed.

David scanned the room around him. He saw his answer. A telephone on the far wall. David immediately projected himself across the room and into the electrical signals of the telephone. He directed the signal and sent out an emergency tone to the Mysterium. He only hoped someone answered the signal before he was dead.

The man in the middle realized what david was doing and he muttered something under his breath and motioned toward one of the large prehistoric animal skeletons. Some kind of large predatory dinosaur. David wasn’t an expert on dinosaurs by any means.

In that instant David felt himself get his full range of motion back. The head mage must have hit his limit on how much he could manipulate at once. However, one of his associates was more than ready to pick up the slack. David could feel himself being ripped out of his body. He struggled to keep himself inside of his body, but this mage was no ametuer. Damn how he wished he would have worked harder at spells to protect himself from other mages. A feeling of dread washed over David as he felt his life being sucked from his body. He could no longer resist it. He only had one last chance to stop The Veil from obtaining the Sage’s Eye. David projected himself at the nearby fire alarm and fired the circuits off to alert the authorities. He was hoping it would deter them from pursuing the gem.

David’s lifeless body fell to the floor as a loud ringing blared through the museum. Red emergency lights flashed.

“Grab the gem. We need to leave”, the man with the mask of despair yelled.

The room suddenly became very cold. Ice started to creep along the glass of the case glass and windows of the room. A crack louder than the alarms ripped through the room and a half-dozen men in crimson masks appeared in sight.

The Guardians of the Veil took off through one of the emergency side exit doors. The six men did not pursue. Two of the men went over to the gem, smashed the case and one of them pocketed it. Another two men grabbed David’s body.

“What should we do with him?” One of the men holding David’s body asked.

One of the men said, “we’ll take it back with us. It could prove useful as a vessel.” He then looked at the man next to him, “Modify the security footage. We can’t have the sleepers seeing any of this.”

He looked down at David’s body, “What a fool. His ego finally got the best of him.”

With another loud crack the six men disappeared from the room as emergency sirens could be heard approaching.

Sage's Eye

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