Party Sanctum


  • Grevane Lab
  • large circular common area, with zen garden/fountain. Bonzai tree with tass droplets. Alcove on one side with wood fired, brick oven.
  • 4 corridors off main room. Lead to living spaces, bedrooms with antichamber, study etc.
  • 4th hallway leads to natural underground hotspring.
  • gas-lamp lighting in entire sanctum
  • water closet off of the hotspring area.
  • off the 4th hallway, with a large circular library. books on occult & investigation.

Manus’ Living quarters: (1st hallway):

  • oddly well lit natural lit room, looks like it could be used to grow things.
  • 2nd door to a wine cellar, with one barrel of some kind of hard alcohol that hasn’t gone bad.
  • Anti-chamber contains a solid old wooden desk, empty shelves that probably held old books at some point.
  • bedroom that has mattress that has gone bad.

Grevane’s living quarters ( 2nd hallway ):

  • Labratory is across from anti-chamber, tiled, with central drain, several tables
  • anti-chamber, with hardwood desk, small bookshelf. large chalkboard on one of the walls, easel with clips for writing, drawing, etc. benches facing the chalkboard.
  • Bedroom, not huge, but serviceable.

Clover’s living area ( 3rd hallway ):

  • natural lit room with violet orbs that give a UV like light.
  • anti-chamber, with heavy wood chairs, hardwood table, fireplace.
  • bedroom, large wooden 4-post bed frame. old changing screens, couple chairs. large wooden standing wardrobe.

Party Sanctum

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