Mage: Shadows of Boston

Session 1
A Trip to the East

The Mages find their way through their awakening and find themselves in a new and fasinating, but dangerous world. Armed with the knowledge taught to them by the Mysterium, they set their sights east to a cave near Engedi, west of the Dead Sea.

They find a semi-physical book made of an unusual leather. And while inspecting the book & the cave, they see a face partially emerge from the wall and whisper, “Hello there little lambs.”

Session 2
Book of Death

Party has fight with 3 young people with supernatural abilities.

Man 1 – Anton Forester – Medical Intern at Georgia hospital.
Woman 1 – Mara Tabold – Florida State University.
Man 2 – ?

Party inspects the book to find out it is a book created using death magic. It’s skin is created from dead awakened mages. It is over 200 years old.

Grevane opens the book to find a pair of eyes looking back at him.

Session 3

August 7th, 2016

Group finds a sanctum entrance in a shipping container next to the grounds building.


August 8th – 15th, 2016:

Party cleans the sanctum, restores the cushions of the furniture.

August 16th, 2016:

  • Clover, starts putting plants in the room with the orbs. vegetables, house plants, & domestic mushrooms.
  • Grevane discovers the journal he found has the name Bothe on it.
  • Manus enters the natural lit room to see that it mimics a day & night, also Manus finds it much easier to drift into a dream-like state.
  • Grevane found a steel chain-wrapped box behind a wall in the back corner of the lab. There is something rattling in the box.
  • Manus goes to investigate what books are in the library, he finds books on history, astronomy & animal anatomy books.
  • Clover finds a book with information on church grimes, they are described as the gate keepers of the shadow realm.
  • Talos takes the party to a floor below the base via a large industrial elevator, and has the party stab themselves with swords to transport to the archives building with is located in the mountains. They talk to a snake woman named Notialla who tells them of a supernal realm phenomena about 15 miles west of Concord, MA.
  • They leave via giant fish and make their way back to their sanctum so that Manus can cast co-location to take them to Concord, MA.
  • The party walks through the portal and finds themselves in front of a government building in Concord, MA.
Session 4
Spooky Scary Skeletons

August 16th:
The party makes it to Sanguine Grape Vineyard in Western Mass.

Clover sees some tracks that lead toward the woods.

The party notices a blue glowing light from behind a couple of buildings in the distance.

Grevane sees three men, two middle aged and one in about his twenties. They all have the same tattoo on their left arm.

The party hears a roar from the woods and a 12 foot beast comes barrelling over the hill on all fours toward the house.

Manus creates a room sized ban around the werewolf.

Clover and Manus meet up with Sarla and head to the translucent dome that has blue-green grass and leaves in it.

Sarla proposes the plan to lure in a ghost to distract the Seers of the Throne. Grevane is on board with this.

Grevane summons 5 ghosts to harrass the Seers.

Session 5
A New Mage Appears

Sarla contacts the Persuers and requests them to send another mage.

Vidis is sent from the Mysterium to assist the party in dealing with the magical anomaly.

August 17, 2016:

Manus studies the dome and determines that it is several millennia old.

Clover reduced the Opacity to 4.

The group leaves from Concord, MA back to the sanctum via Manus’ portal.

The party checks in with Byron who tells them to take a few days and report back to him later.

August 18th, 2016:

Manus goes and has tea with Byron. Manus requests a book from Byron on tranversing the astral realms. He said he would get the book to him in the next couple of days.

Clover goes to the bakery to catch up on work. She goes to her hairdresser, Midnight (Sai Yashi) her effeminate gay Chinese hairdresser. He tells Clover that some men in suits were passing around a strange drug, then hands her a business card for the club. (Club Tank).

Vidis tries to get into contact with Professor Naomi Stapleton by emailing her, then goes on to work on homework.

August 20th, 2016:

Manus, starts creating a rock garden in his well lit room in his sanctums’ hallway.

Byron gives Manus a small leather bound Tome. It is the book on the astral realm.

Clover tries to capture one of the UV orbs from her room of lights to have Yorvin study.

She tries containing the first orb with a glass jar and it turns into sand.

She tries a second orb with a tin coffee can and the can disappears and a black fuzzy thing with large white cat-like eyes appears and starts floating through the sanctum.

Vidis casts Wards of Truth to talk to the creature and tell it that they mean it no harm, they just don’t know what to do with it.

Manus casts telepathy to communicate with the creature. He fails the roll and permanently fuses his communication with the creature. (this will cause negatives to his ability to use concentration for spell bonuses).

Manus communicates with the creature, and tries to figure out what to do with it.

Vidis decides to go grab Yorvin to figure out what the creature is.

Session 6

August 20th, 2016:

  • Vidis grabs Yorvin and brings him to inspect the creature down in their sanctum.
  • Clover goes to a nearby church asking about Church Grims. An old Irish lady named Margret points her toward a catholic church downtown.
  • Clover takes a bus downtown and meets with Priest Martin a young 30 something year old head priest who makes an appointment with Maria Tora (Clover) for Wednesday August 24th at 3pm.
  • Clover goes to check out where Club Tank was. Found out it was located at an abandoned factory building in a industrial area.
  • Vidis takes over Grevane’s wing of the sanctum. She then checked her emails to see if Professor Naomi Stapleton had responded to her yet.
  • She receives an email with the title “Is This What Your Are Talking About?” with a semi-blurry picture of the creature that attacked her squad.
  • Manus goes to talk to Byron about Alison being kidnapped by the Seers. Manus says that he will try to retrieve Alison, but if he cannot, he will try to kill her instead so she does not endanger the order.
  • Sarla overhears this conversation and says that she can help get Alison out if Manus can locate her. She will meet Manus then next morning outside of the museum.

August 21st, 2016:

  • Manus goes to meet with Sarla outside of the museum.
  • She gives Manus her number and asks him to text her the location of Alison and Sarla will get her out for them. She won’t tell Manus how.
  • Clover buys a mexican ethnic dress.
  • The party takes Manus’ car to the Boston Bridge.
  • They find a small homeless village under the bridge on the river shore. Lots of tents, clothes lines, etc.
  • They find a tent with weird symbols, and a man sitting in front of a tube tv laughing at an old episode of I Love Lucy.
  • The group talks to Marduke and gets a postcard to a train station that has an address on the backside. He says that Alison should be there somewhere.
  • The group gets back into the car and heads toward the trainyard.
Session 7
Throw Me the Bird

August 21st, 2016

  • The party gets to the train yard and gets escorted through the train yard under the guise of looking for a friend.
  • The party finds a train car with a side opening door that has magic runes scattered all around it.
  • The train engineer starts to realize that the party is up to something. He tells them they need to leave.
  • Manus throws gravel at him, flips him off then takes off running. The enineer chases him.
  • Vidis tries to open the train door using the a minor spirit but accidentially summons a greater spirit which threatens her life.
  • Clover casts a spell that tells her their next step is to talk to a man who deals in immortality. He is close to where they study.
  • Clover & Manus study the runes, then take off as other train yard workers start to show up looking for them.
  • Manus casts magic that makes the engineer forget about the group.
  • He then circles back to the train car, running into a train yard worker who escorts him to it.
  • Manus convinces the worker to go after the other people running around the yard. While gone, Manus casts to phase through the traincar and finds himself in a train car that has a door to an open field in the middle of a forest. He sees a tower poking out of the trees in the distance.
  • Manus creates a circle out of a symbolic link so that he can quickly travel back to this location.
  • Manus leaves the top of his flashlight in the car, then heads back to his car where he waits for the rest of the group to show up.
  • The group heads back to their sanctum.
  • Manus casts co-location from the sanctum to the circle of rocks in the field.
  • The group finds themselves in a field at nighttime (3 am).
  • Clover casts a fate protection spell on the party to protect the party from any affect to their fate.
  • Vidis casts Wards and Signs. Potency 1, with advanced potency.
  • The party travels through the forest to find themselves at the entrance of a castle. They see a castle on an island at the center of a lake with a large stone bridge connecting the mainland to the castle.
  • They also see a large black ethereal-like vulture bird perched on the front wall of the castle. from the distance, Manus can tell it would have a wing span of about 30 feet.
Session 8

August 21st, 2016 – Boston Date

  • Vidis casts a spell to checked and see how the bird is connected to the Supernal world.
  • Manus casts a spell to read the bird’s mind. He finds that it does not appear to have thoughts.
  • The party approaches the bridge and sees a sign that reads “Hermanni Linnus, something something 11/15/2016.”
  • Manus takes a step onto the bridge and the Bird takes flight and starts to dive toward the party.
Session 9

August 21st, 2016 – Boston Date

  • The bird bears down upon the group and Clover fires her pistol at the creature. The pistol backfires and shrapnel hits Clover in the neck.
  • Vidis casts “Web of Life” to sense out the female humans in the castle and feels paradox trying to take hold of her spell. She focuses and takes back control of her spell.
  • The party goes to the side of the wall and climbs a latter to the second floor of the castle. They go in a side door and travel down the hallway toward the Northwest tower quietly. Vidis as she is trying to sneak backwards toward the tower gets pulled into a large room with a freakish long-armed creature operating a machine. She gets out without getting caught, but incorrectly tells the rest of the party that you should face the door while walking by it.
  • Manus does as she says and gets pulled into the room, he jumps back out, but the creature grabs him. Just at that time a flash of light shoots out and hits the creature in the arm. A middle aged man with long greying hair and sunken eyes approaches the group. He says “We have been expecting you.”
  • He leads the party to the main dining hall where they see a scene of humans hanging on the walls, some alive some either unconscious or dead. Pools of blood in the room hold nude mages where they are bathing in blood. 3 mages, a man in his thirties sits at the table, a middle aged woman leaning against the wall next to one of the main doors, and a man in his 20s who is walking the parameter of the room and a young man who sits at the end of the table, the man looks at them.
  • Paraphrasing, the man says that he is a representative of his master who is a Seer who speaks to the Exarch Nanovir and he has had a vision of the group in the form of symbolic metaphors. He said that his master wishes for them to join the Seers, and that he would let them leave if they decide to decline the offer.
  • The party goes back to base and meets Byron to discuss the situation.
  • They find out that the place Alison is being held is in Estonia at Hermann Castle.
  • Vidis and Clover go back to the demense and Vidis patches up Clover from the schapnel
  • Manus casts perfect recal to remember the words written on the piece of paper that the man at Hermann Castle slid across the table to him. Manus had ripped that paper up.
  • Vidis checks her email to find a response from the professor, she gets a response back saying she would like to meet, but she can’t do it at her office because the information is too sensitive. She says that she would like to meet on Tuesday at 10:30 p.m. at another address instead.
Session 10
S**t I Have To Do

Monday, August 22nd

  • The party goes to their jobs/school for the day.
  • Manus pulls open a portal to the location in France.
  • Manus finds himself in an alleyway between an antique store and a fine arts gallery.
  • Vidis does research on the painting of the beast and finds that the man, Lymoneer runs a legacy called “Jauntoners of the Abyss”. They study the abyss.
  • Clover goes to pick up clothes for a rave.
  • Manus gets teleported to a dark candle-lit room, one that has a desk with 2 chairs and a young man named Vubin.
  • Manus finds out that Vubin’s master Bishop Pokquis wishes to meet with the party. Vubin hands a wooden token to Manus and tells him that it will transport him and those close to him to his master in 5 days.
  • Vidis does research and finds a link to a website with the title “Jauntoneers of the Abyss” with a picture of a symbol.
  • Vidis recalls and draws the symbol she saw on the website.
  • Clover casts a spell to view the history of her mother getting murdered in the back of the salon from a long time ago. She sees 5 men, the main man who has a scar across his right cheek down to his chin.
  • Clover witnesses her mother being forcibly drowned in a metal bucket. The man with the scar sitting on the chair had black ghostly thorny vines grow and start to envelope the room. Clover rewound and paused to look at the man with the scar, he has a black tattoo partially visible on his chest. She notices that the other men have completely white eyes. She notices that the main guy has a dark green suit and dark brown hair.
  • Manus casts a secret door for the sanctum.
  • Clover goes to Club Tank to find house music blaring, and a long line leading up to the door to the rave.
  • Clover casts Quantum Flux to try and get into the building. She flirts with the bouncer to get in.
  • She finds herself in a scene of a club where she sees people dancing, and people in large water tanks with gas masks with hoses attached to them.
  • she finds 3 private booths with large red curtains drawn to the right of the stage.
  • She sees that the booths hold people hooked up to large mechanical machines with wires attached to their skulls.
  • she finds the men that killed her mother at a table in the club.
  • Clover tries to take a selfie with the men in a picture in front of her, but draws attention to herself.
  • A server stands in front of Clover and asks her to come with her to the machine behind the curtain.
  • Clover says that she really needs to go to the bathroom, she is led to the bathroom where she finds 4 stalls, 2 sinks and solid concrete walls.
  • Clover breaks a mirror and takes a piece of glass for a weapon and wraps it in paper towel. She bolts for the entrance only to find herself right back in the club.

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