Mage: Shadows of Boston

Session 16
Tasks, tasks, tasks,

Monday August 29th

10pm – Clover goes to her appointment with Geramine.
Clover has a meeting with Geramaine about her father – Rogredes Tora also know as Rog..
Clover makes a meeting with Geramaine for 11pm in two days to reconvene.
Manus teleports the book to the Hermanni linnus
Vidis goes to Yorvin to see what she should do. He tells her to go back to Professor Naomi.
Vidis teleports to Estonia where he sent the book.
Manus gives the book to the bishop. He gets an amulet in return.

Tuesday August 30th

Vidis goes to Professor Naomi Stapleton’s place and finds out that the professor knows about the man who painted the Eater of the Abyss.
Clover receives a written letter. The author tells Cover to meet him at 10pm at Bunker Hill on Friday September 2nd.
Manus starts to project into the astral realms. Inside the room with the stars.
Vidis and Clover tries to access a site with info on the Beast. They load the site and Vidis sees the site greeting her when she loads it.

Session 15
And then some stuff happened

Saturday August 27th:

  • Manus found a note from the Bishop and a book on the Abyss.
  • Clover wrote a note to Jeff Bellows
  • Vidis talked to Yorvin about about the beast and getting transported to another dimension and getting a book on the beast.

Sunday August 28th:

  • Clover went to the main Mysterium library and got a book on Church Grims.
  • Manus talked to Byron about the book on the Book of the Dead. Byron said that he would talk to Kavka about having Manus help him with the book.
  • Vidis went to see Professor Naomi to find that she hadn’t slept in several days and had told her about an old painting from the 14th century that was of a story told to the painter from a pagan on the beast that keeps the two worlds in balance.

Monday August 29th:

  • Clover went to the Geramaine & Borland law firm and made an appointment for 10 pm that night with Geramaine.
  • Manus worked in the museum and then went to work with Kavka on the Book of the Dead.
  • Vidis went to work and while working on a patient, got pulled into the alternate world again. She talked to the chief of medicine and got a couple of days off and also labor day weekend (so she could spend time with her mother and two brothers, Tim and Terrance.)

Terrance is the drug dealing 19 yo brother.
Tim is the computer nerd 16 year old brother.
Gale is Vidis’ mother.

Session 14
As Above So Below

Friday August 26th:

  • Vidis finds herself in the police station and falls asleep in her cell. She wakes up and finds herself in a world that looks decayed and an open jail cell door.
  • She runs from the beast and finds herself eventually in the abandoned mall.
  • Vidis crawls down a ladder in a large square hole at the bottom she finds a manhole cover.
  • She finds herself back in Boston in the middle of the street.
  • Clover requests a book about church grims from Byron.
  • Manus permanantly removes the memory of the dagger flashback and stores it in Charles’ mind.

Saturday August 27th:

  • Vidis speaks to Byron about the other world.
  • She gets her car from the impound and replaces her personal things.
  • Her and Clover then go back to inspect the manhole cover to find a normal sewer beneath it.
  • The token that Manus received started to hum in his pocket in the evening (around 6pm).
  • Manus disappears from the sanctum with a thunderous clapping noise.
  • Manus finds himself in a run down old hotel somewhere.
Session 13
Why isn't it Friday? (If you forget, Ask Manus)

Thursday August 25th:

  • Manus borrows two books on Atlantis from Byron. Byron says they are not to leave the premise.
  • Vidis Name drops Naomi to Byron, who tells Vidis to keep an eye on Naomi and pass all further discussions through him. She then goes on to do research on why the mall development closed.
  • Clover spends the day researching and copying pages looking for information on Church Grims.


  • The party goes back to the Farm house with the strange translucent dome.
  • The party finds a dead body hung from a make-shift cross and tied the body up to a pole with hemp rope. The body is heavy with smell of decay.
  • They go down to the dome and find several skeletons laid surrounding the dome. The ground around the skeletal bodies is burnt, much like what happens when a strong force of lightning strikes something.
  • Manus finds out that this dome is an Iris to the Supernal realm. It appears to be a one-way door.

Friday August 26th:

  • Vidis goes back to the mall and finds where the tablet in the floor is now an open glowing hole in the floor. A sickly skeletal like figure crawls out and starts towards Vidis. She leaves and gets arrested by a cop for trespassing.
  • Manus finds a rusty medieval dagger while doing his cataloging duties. He feels physically tired when around it. He gave the dagger to someone at the front desk of the cabal.
  • Clover looks into Jeff Bellows. She contacts his publisher and sends a letter to his fanmail address.
  • Byron comes into Manus office and tells him that the dagger (that is from the middle ages) has his fallen world name on it. Manus follows Byron back to his office to look at the dagger more closely. Manus decides that he is going to touch the dagger.
  • Manus sees a vision of a himself tied to a straw bed in a small candlelit room with a small 1 foot window. It appears to be dark outside. A woman in an old nightgown enters the room with a burlap sack for a mask and holding the dagger. She approaches Manus and starts stabbing him repeatedly in the gut. She then grabs his intestines and starts ripping them out of him. She takes the dagger and shoves it up under Manus’ ribcage and leans down, removes the mask and whispers “How does it feel Aaron?”. Manus sees not a human woman, but instead a female face that is thin with very narrow eye sits, horns protruding toward the back of her head and thin lips with a large rictus grin.
  • Clover talks to Byron who hands her a bloody note with her name on it. It was found on a dead man that Clover doesn’t recognize. She reads the note: “You don’t know me, and I don’t know you, but they are hunting me and I think they are hunting you.”
Session 12
Meetings, meetings, meetings

Monday, August 22nd:

  • Manus hands the other two their pebble keys to the sanctuary.

Tuesday, August 23rd:

  • Vidis meets up with Professor Naomi Stapleton.
  • Vidis discovers a stone animated mosaic under the concrete of the mall floor. It animated after mana leaked from Vidis into the stone mosaic animated a scene of the beast trying to eat up a black swirl and the swirl instead eats up the entire scene.

Wednesday, August 24th:

  • Clover goes to meet with Head Priest Martin. He says he will pass Gail’s number along to Norland Geramaine. – 3pm.
  • Manus decides to enter the astral realm and sits himself into his own astral realm. He comes to a scene of his childhood when he was twelve and eating blueberry pancakes made by his step mother. – evening.
Session 11
Monsters eating Monsters

Monday August 22nd,

  • Clover clicks some pictures of the monster which looks like a semi-translucent membrane with a dark blue smokey liquid center.
  • Vidis goes into Manus’ office and explains the situation going on with Clover. Byron says that he will need assistance and calls up a couple of people that Vidis has never seen before.
  • Clover tries to climb one of the ladders of the alleyway to get away from the monster, but falls and draws attention to herself with the crash of the ladder against the pavement.
  • Vidis casts a spiritual shield on Clover.
  • The monster starts to dissolve Clover’s lower half with an acid like damage.
  • Vidis grabs her rifler from her car and shoots the creature.
  • The man with the half-mask shoots the creature with a liquid fire spell using a zipo lighter.
  • Clover is able to get away from the monster and towards the group.
  • Another monster appears on the building. It is the creature that attacked Vidis’ squad from so long ago. It inhaled the abyssal monster, then turned on Clover.
  • The shirtless man with the tattoos pulls out a staff with a shrunken head and starts chanting. His muscles quickly grow and he charges the creature.
  • The shirtless man chanted using a staff and
  • The creature took a bite out of Clover’s leg. She then fell unconscious.
  • Byron teleported Clover & Vidis back to his office.
  • Vidis used medical skill to stabilize Clover.
Session 10.5
Shit gone down
  • Clover gets caught by the bouncer and the waitress who force her into one of the chairs in front of the machine.
  • Just as the waitress touches the headpiece to Clover’s head and the machine suddenly starts to break and blood starts pouring from the walls.
  • People that touch the liquid turn into goop which the creature consumes.
  • The Bouncer, waitress, and a skeleton with cockroaches crawling all over it go to deal with the creature.
  • Clover runs out of the club and calls Vidis to tell her about the situation.
  • Vidis tries to go down to the Cabal to talk to Byron, but Jim the new replacement intern was working late and did not recognize her.
  • Vidis cast Mask of Life to make herself look like Byron to gain access to the Mysterium.
  • Vidis knocks on the door to Byron’s office.
  • Clover sees the men leaving the party and going down a nearby alleyway. She sneakily follows behind.
  • She sees the men going through a magical doorway to a forest with purple vegetation.
  • She goes back to the club and finds the creature pouring through the doorway. Through the doorway, she sees that it is as if there never was a club there. Just an abandoned warehouse.
Session 10
S**t I Have To Do

Monday, August 22nd

  • The party goes to their jobs/school for the day.
  • Manus pulls open a portal to the location in France.
  • Manus finds himself in an alleyway between an antique store and a fine arts gallery.
  • Vidis does research on the painting of the beast and finds that the man, Lymoneer runs a legacy called “Jauntoners of the Abyss”. They study the abyss.
  • Clover goes to pick up clothes for a rave.
  • Manus gets teleported to a dark candle-lit room, one that has a desk with 2 chairs and a young man named Vubin.
  • Manus finds out that Vubin’s master Bishop Pokquis wishes to meet with the party. Vubin hands a wooden token to Manus and tells him that it will transport him and those close to him to his master in 5 days.
  • Vidis does research and finds a link to a website with the title “Jauntoneers of the Abyss” with a picture of a symbol.
  • Vidis recalls and draws the symbol she saw on the website.
  • Clover casts a spell to view the history of her mother getting murdered in the back of the salon from a long time ago. She sees 5 men, the main man who has a scar across his right cheek down to his chin.
  • Clover witnesses her mother being forcibly drowned in a metal bucket. The man with the scar sitting on the chair had black ghostly thorny vines grow and start to envelope the room. Clover rewound and paused to look at the man with the scar, he has a black tattoo partially visible on his chest. She notices that the other men have completely white eyes. She notices that the main guy has a dark green suit and dark brown hair.
  • Manus casts a secret door for the sanctum.
  • Clover goes to Club Tank to find house music blaring, and a long line leading up to the door to the rave.
  • Clover casts Quantum Flux to try and get into the building. She flirts with the bouncer to get in.
  • She finds herself in a scene of a club where she sees people dancing, and people in large water tanks with gas masks with hoses attached to them.
  • she finds 3 private booths with large red curtains drawn to the right of the stage.
  • She sees that the booths hold people hooked up to large mechanical machines with wires attached to their skulls.
  • she finds the men that killed her mother at a table in the club.
  • Clover tries to take a selfie with the men in a picture in front of her, but draws attention to herself.
  • A server stands in front of Clover and asks her to come with her to the machine behind the curtain.
  • Clover says that she really needs to go to the bathroom, she is led to the bathroom where she finds 4 stalls, 2 sinks and solid concrete walls.
  • Clover breaks a mirror and takes a piece of glass for a weapon and wraps it in paper towel. She bolts for the entrance only to find herself right back in the club.
Session 9

August 21st, 2016 – Boston Date

  • The bird bears down upon the group and Clover fires her pistol at the creature. The pistol backfires and shrapnel hits Clover in the neck.
  • Vidis casts “Web of Life” to sense out the female humans in the castle and feels paradox trying to take hold of her spell. She focuses and takes back control of her spell.
  • The party goes to the side of the wall and climbs a latter to the second floor of the castle. They go in a side door and travel down the hallway toward the Northwest tower quietly. Vidis as she is trying to sneak backwards toward the tower gets pulled into a large room with a freakish long-armed creature operating a machine. She gets out without getting caught, but incorrectly tells the rest of the party that you should face the door while walking by it.
  • Manus does as she says and gets pulled into the room, he jumps back out, but the creature grabs him. Just at that time a flash of light shoots out and hits the creature in the arm. A middle aged man with long greying hair and sunken eyes approaches the group. He says “We have been expecting you.”
  • He leads the party to the main dining hall where they see a scene of humans hanging on the walls, some alive some either unconscious or dead. Pools of blood in the room hold nude mages where they are bathing in blood. 3 mages, a man in his thirties sits at the table, a middle aged woman leaning against the wall next to one of the main doors, and a man in his 20s who is walking the parameter of the room and a young man who sits at the end of the table, the man looks at them.
  • Paraphrasing, the man says that he is a representative of his master who is a Seer who speaks to the Exarch Nanovir and he has had a vision of the group in the form of symbolic metaphors. He said that his master wishes for them to join the Seers, and that he would let them leave if they decide to decline the offer.
  • The party goes back to base and meets Byron to discuss the situation.
  • They find out that the place Alison is being held is in Estonia at Hermann Castle.
  • Vidis and Clover go back to the demense and Vidis patches up Clover from the schapnel
  • Manus casts perfect recal to remember the words written on the piece of paper that the man at Hermann Castle slid across the table to him. Manus had ripped that paper up.
  • Vidis checks her email to find a response from the professor, she gets a response back saying she would like to meet, but she can’t do it at her office because the information is too sensitive. She says that she would like to meet on Tuesday at 10:30 p.m. at another address instead.
Session 8

August 21st, 2016 – Boston Date

  • Vidis casts a spell to checked and see how the bird is connected to the Supernal world.
  • Manus casts a spell to read the bird’s mind. He finds that it does not appear to have thoughts.
  • The party approaches the bridge and sees a sign that reads “Hermanni Linnus, something something 11/15/2016.”
  • Manus takes a step onto the bridge and the Bird takes flight and starts to dive toward the party.

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