Mage: Shadows of Boston

Session 17

All Students Must Eventually Become the Teacher.

Tuesday August 30th

  • Manus Projects himself into his personal Astral Realm.
  • Vidis finds a new link on the site that says “Events and Meetups”. She finds out that the meetup is the next day at 10 pm in a park a few blocks away.
  • Manus runs into his old school from elementary and a teacher he despised. This man would come to his house and do horrible things to his mother. He casts collapse to move the man into the school wall next to where he was smoking. The children stop and turn to Manus with murder in their eyes.
  • Vidis calls her younger brother Tim to tell him that she is coming home to visit the coming weekend.

Wednesday August 31

  • The party eats breakfast together in the sanctuary.
  • Vidis goes to the auto-body to get her car fixed.
  • Clover goes to work.
  • Manus goes to the museum for work to find it closed and locked. There is no one at the front desk, so he goes down into the sanctum. He finds much of the Cabal in the entryway of the Mysterium Sanctum. The party’s mentors are dead on the ground surrounded by the other members. There is also a marble statue of an angel nearby with wings dripping with blood.
  • Kavka asks Manus where the Arcane Book of the Dead is. He says that it is missing.



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