Mage: Shadows of Boston

Session 10

S**t I Have To Do

Monday, August 22nd

  • The party goes to their jobs/school for the day.
  • Manus pulls open a portal to the location in France.
  • Manus finds himself in an alleyway between an antique store and a fine arts gallery.
  • Vidis does research on the painting of the beast and finds that the man, Lymoneer runs a legacy called “Jauntoners of the Abyss”. They study the abyss.
  • Clover goes to pick up clothes for a rave.
  • Manus gets teleported to a dark candle-lit room, one that has a desk with 2 chairs and a young man named Vubin.
  • Manus finds out that Vubin’s master Bishop Pokquis wishes to meet with the party. Vubin hands a wooden token to Manus and tells him that it will transport him and those close to him to his master in 5 days.
  • Vidis does research and finds a link to a website with the title “Jauntoneers of the Abyss” with a picture of a symbol.
  • Vidis recalls and draws the symbol she saw on the website.
  • Clover casts a spell to view the history of her mother getting murdered in the back of the salon from a long time ago. She sees 5 men, the main man who has a scar across his right cheek down to his chin.
  • Clover witnesses her mother being forcibly drowned in a metal bucket. The man with the scar sitting on the chair had black ghostly thorny vines grow and start to envelope the room. Clover rewound and paused to look at the man with the scar, he has a black tattoo partially visible on his chest. She notices that the other men have completely white eyes. She notices that the main guy has a dark green suit and dark brown hair.
  • Manus casts a secret door for the sanctum.
  • Clover goes to Club Tank to find house music blaring, and a long line leading up to the door to the rave.
  • Clover casts Quantum Flux to try and get into the building. She flirts with the bouncer to get in.
  • She finds herself in a scene of a club where she sees people dancing, and people in large water tanks with gas masks with hoses attached to them.
  • she finds 3 private booths with large red curtains drawn to the right of the stage.
  • She sees that the booths hold people hooked up to large mechanical machines with wires attached to their skulls.
  • she finds the men that killed her mother at a table in the club.
  • Clover tries to take a selfie with the men in a picture in front of her, but draws attention to herself.
  • A server stands in front of Clover and asks her to come with her to the machine behind the curtain.
  • Clover says that she really needs to go to the bathroom, she is led to the bathroom where she finds 4 stalls, 2 sinks and solid concrete walls.
  • Clover breaks a mirror and takes a piece of glass for a weapon and wraps it in paper towel. She bolts for the entrance only to find herself right back in the club.



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