Mage: Shadows of Boston

Session 7

Throw Me the Bird

August 21st, 2016

  • The party gets to the train yard and gets escorted through the train yard under the guise of looking for a friend.
  • The party finds a train car with a side opening door that has magic runes scattered all around it.
  • The train engineer starts to realize that the party is up to something. He tells them they need to leave.
  • Manus throws gravel at him, flips him off then takes off running. The enineer chases him.
  • Vidis tries to open the train door using the a minor spirit but accidentially summons a greater spirit which threatens her life.
  • Clover casts a spell that tells her their next step is to talk to a man who deals in immortality. He is close to where they study.
  • Clover & Manus study the runes, then take off as other train yard workers start to show up looking for them.
  • Manus casts magic that makes the engineer forget about the group.
  • He then circles back to the train car, running into a train yard worker who escorts him to it.
  • Manus convinces the worker to go after the other people running around the yard. While gone, Manus casts to phase through the traincar and finds himself in a train car that has a door to an open field in the middle of a forest. He sees a tower poking out of the trees in the distance.
  • Manus creates a circle out of a symbolic link so that he can quickly travel back to this location.
  • Manus leaves the top of his flashlight in the car, then heads back to his car where he waits for the rest of the group to show up.
  • The group heads back to their sanctum.
  • Manus casts co-location from the sanctum to the circle of rocks in the field.
  • The group finds themselves in a field at nighttime (3 am).
  • Clover casts a fate protection spell on the party to protect the party from any affect to their fate.
  • Vidis casts Wards and Signs. Potency 1, with advanced potency.
  • The party travels through the forest to find themselves at the entrance of a castle. They see a castle on an island at the center of a lake with a large stone bridge connecting the mainland to the castle.
  • They also see a large black ethereal-like vulture bird perched on the front wall of the castle. from the distance, Manus can tell it would have a wing span of about 30 feet.



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