Mage: Shadows of Boston

Session 4

Spooky Scary Skeletons

August 16th:
The party makes it to Sanguine Grape Vineyard in Western Mass.

Clover sees some tracks that lead toward the woods.

The party notices a blue glowing light from behind a couple of buildings in the distance.

Grevane sees three men, two middle aged and one in about his twenties. They all have the same tattoo on their left arm.

The party hears a roar from the woods and a 12 foot beast comes barrelling over the hill on all fours toward the house.

Manus creates a room sized ban around the werewolf.

Clover and Manus meet up with Sarla and head to the translucent dome that has blue-green grass and leaves in it.

Sarla proposes the plan to lure in a ghost to distract the Seers of the Throne. Grevane is on board with this.

Grevane summons 5 ghosts to harrass the Seers.



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