Mage: Shadows of Boston

Session 11

Monsters eating Monsters

Monday August 22nd,

  • Clover clicks some pictures of the monster which looks like a semi-translucent membrane with a dark blue smokey liquid center.
  • Vidis goes into Manus’ office and explains the situation going on with Clover. Byron says that he will need assistance and calls up a couple of people that Vidis has never seen before.
  • Clover tries to climb one of the ladders of the alleyway to get away from the monster, but falls and draws attention to herself with the crash of the ladder against the pavement.
  • Vidis casts a spiritual shield on Clover.
  • The monster starts to dissolve Clover’s lower half with an acid like damage.
  • Vidis grabs her rifler from her car and shoots the creature.
  • The man with the half-mask shoots the creature with a liquid fire spell using a zipo lighter.
  • Clover is able to get away from the monster and towards the group.
  • Another monster appears on the building. It is the creature that attacked Vidis’ squad from so long ago. It inhaled the abyssal monster, then turned on Clover.
  • The shirtless man with the tattoos pulls out a staff with a shrunken head and starts chanting. His muscles quickly grow and he charges the creature.
  • The shirtless man chanted using a staff and
  • The creature took a bite out of Clover’s leg. She then fell unconscious.
  • Byron teleported Clover & Vidis back to his office.
  • Vidis used medical skill to stabilize Clover.



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