Mage: Shadows of Boston

Session 6

August 20th, 2016:

  • Vidis grabs Yorvin and brings him to inspect the creature down in their sanctum.
  • Clover goes to a nearby church asking about Church Grims. An old Irish lady named Margret points her toward a catholic church downtown.
  • Clover takes a bus downtown and meets with Priest Martin a young 30 something year old head priest who makes an appointment with Maria Tora (Clover) for Wednesday August 24th at 3pm.
  • Clover goes to check out where Club Tank was. Found out it was located at an abandoned factory building in a industrial area.
  • Vidis takes over Grevane’s wing of the sanctum. She then checked her emails to see if Professor Naomi Stapleton had responded to her yet.
  • She receives an email with the title “Is This What Your Are Talking About?” with a semi-blurry picture of the creature that attacked her squad.
  • Manus goes to talk to Byron about Alison being kidnapped by the Seers. Manus says that he will try to retrieve Alison, but if he cannot, he will try to kill her instead so she does not endanger the order.
  • Sarla overhears this conversation and says that she can help get Alison out if Manus can locate her. She will meet Manus then next morning outside of the museum.

August 21st, 2016:

  • Manus goes to meet with Sarla outside of the museum.
  • She gives Manus her number and asks him to text her the location of Alison and Sarla will get her out for them. She won’t tell Manus how.
  • Clover buys a mexican ethnic dress.
  • The party takes Manus’ car to the Boston Bridge.
  • They find a small homeless village under the bridge on the river shore. Lots of tents, clothes lines, etc.
  • They find a tent with weird symbols, and a man sitting in front of a tube tv laughing at an old episode of I Love Lucy.
  • The group talks to Marduke and gets a postcard to a train station that has an address on the backside. He says that Alison should be there somewhere.
  • The group gets back into the car and heads toward the trainyard.



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